The Launch Of Bio-Frequency Patches.

BioActivate is the first-of-its-kind bio-frequency patch. With a unique patent, this unique Energy Medicine Technology wellness patch was embedded with a crystalline layer and bio-frequency data that is essential to restoring and supporting the bodies natural functions such as: immunity, clarity, sleep, and pain relief. The patches are a drug-free alternative to natural healing.


Our Role.

LIFT was contracted by the BioActivate team to build the product launch and E-comm site. Starting with package design, marketing materials, responsive UX and UI, ecommerce and native content. The number one goal was to reach and drive customers to the website to make a purchase. As new business, it was critical to launch with a comprehensive marketing and media campaign, to deliver conversions and happy and healthy customers!



  • Branding

  • Package Design

  • UX & UI Web Design & Ecommerce Site

  • Video and Blog Content & Production

  • Influencer Marketing & Testimonials

  • Digital Media Campaign

  • Creative Design – Marketing Collateral

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