LIFT is a full service agency with a collective brain trust, mostly of human form and spiced up with secret algorithmic fixations, providing specialized services to the lifestyle, entertainment, sports and attractions industries. We’ve helped launch multiple new businesses from concept to execution.


LIFT has the know-how and experience to dramatically raise profitability and impact. We call it Rev Propulsion.   From selection and integration of dynamic pricing platforms to effective mobile ticketing practices and packages, we bring deep insight and robust experience to bear on every event and business we manage.


We are sophisticated entertainment promoters with the unique expertise to plan and execute winning strategies that maximize awareness and power profits.   Our 360° marketing approach begins with a detailed business marketing plan, master timeline, staffing plan (where appropriate), and comprehensive budget recommendations.


Whether you’re planning a lifestyle event, a global concert tour, a new theater production, an exhibition, a tourism attraction, or a complex, multi-venue festival, LIFT will push your trajectory higher.   We go beyond traditional agencies to cultivate and realize bold new opportunities and help push your business into the future with sustainable success.