August 2020
The E-commerce Landscape

Much has shifted in the last several months around shopping trends and how consumers go about getting goods and services. While online shopping has been around for a long time, the current COVID era has seen a surge in online buying which has shifted the e-commerce scene in every possibly way, including the ability for companies to stock and deliver goods.

This month we are sharing a round-up of insights from some of the top companies and analysts in the online shopping and transaction space to help you stay on top of trends. LIFT can help you move -- or relaunch -- online with a custom strategy, a modern e-commerce site, a paid media plan and more.

Position your business for success in this new era.

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Shoppers Are Forming New Habits in the Pandemic.
These Retailers Could Benefit

Why It's Relevant: Retailers that have a physical location to deliver goods and allow shoppers to pick them up will win out over purely online retailers when shipping time is of value. 

The study showed that fast shipping was the No. 1 reason why consumers chose to shop with a brand, followed by a wide selection, and a customer loyalty program. Again, that sounds like good news for the biggest players like Amazon, but Walmart and Target might even have an edge, as the data showed that buying online and picking up in store, or BOPIS, and curbside pickup are the most preferred methods of pickup/delivery.

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Food and Beverage Will See Biggest Gains in Retail E-commerce Sales Growth This Year

Why It's Relevant: As competition heats up the online grocery space, savvy online shoppers who time it right and know where the good deals are will win out.

We forecast that food and beverage will be the fastest-growing e-commerce category this year, with year-over-year growth of 58.5%, followed by health/personal care/beauty at 32.4%, amid the shift to purchasing of essential goods through digital channels.

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DoorDash expands with on-demand grocery delivery

Why It's Relevant: DoorDash is moving into territory that has been dominated by InstaCart, furthering the competitive landscape in this space.

DoorDash is announcing that customers can now order groceries through the DoorDash app from partners including Smart & Final, Meijer and Fresh Thyme. Additional stores like Hy-Vee and Gristedes/D’Agnostino are supposed to be added in the next few weeks.

Through these partnerships, DoorDash says it has a delivery footprint covering 75 million Americans in major U.S. markets.

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Stop & Shop unveils new e-commerce platform

Why It's Relevant: Stop & Shop is recognizing that owning one's own e-comm platform and leveraging loyalty programs to retain customers is the better long-term strategy.

In July, Stop & Shop announced plans to add three new warerooms and bring grocery pickup to 50 more locations this year as it looks to improve e-commerce capacity. With the behind-the-scenes infrastructure in place, Stop & Shop is now turning to the customer-facing piece of its e-commerce offering and is investing in a simpler, more cohesive online shopping journey. delivery in major U.S. cities.

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Almost two-thirds of U.S. travelers said they plan to book a leisure trip in the next six months

Why It's Relevant: Though the impact of COVID-19 continues, U.S. travelers are feeling more confident about booking vacations.

As lockdown restrictions in some parts of the US begin to lift, restless travelers are planning their next get-away. According to July 2020 data from MMGY Global, 64% of US travelers said they expect to book their next leisure trip within the next six months or less.

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